Easy Brackets Easy On Easy Off Saddlebag Mounting System

Easy Brackets Saddlebag Mounting Systems
Go From Lean to Mean in Seconds!

  • Truly Detachable System!
  • Mount & Remove Saddlebags in Seconds!
  • Locking System Secures Saddlebags to Bike!

Innovative two point docking system uses the two existing bolt holes in the fender rail of your motorcycle. Locking bracket system provides safety and security while being easy to install. Easy Brackets replace the existing bolts with the docking posts and longer bolts provided in each kit. Easy brackets can then be instantly installed and locked into place. The docking posts, bolts and brackets are designed to work perfectly with your specific motorcycle model for a tight fit and provide a clean look when the saddlebags are removed.

No Ugly Hardware is Left Behind!

Easy Brackets feature a lower include angle. While other popular saddlebag mounting systems have a 10 degree angle, making the bags stick out too far from the motorcycle, Easy Brackets have a smaller 5 degree angle, making the saddle bag sit more flush to the bike for better looks.

Easy Brackets feature an all-metal steel construction with black powder coating for strength and durability. When you purchase a set of Easy Brackets, you are getting both the left and right side brackets and all required mounting hardware specific to your motorcycle model.

Works with most saddlebags with a flat back (mounting side) including leather, fiberglass, ABS, OEM and PV or vinyl bags.